Can Kenji makes japanese cuisine based on fresh and in-season products, from traditional japanese recipes rare in most restaurants outside of Japan to creative dishes with a strong mediterranean background.

Our dishes

Green peas tofu with mixed mushrooms

Monkfish liver tofu with wakame seaweed 
and ponzu sauce

Horse mackerel tartar salad with white 
miso vinaigrette

Marinated fish salad in spicy sauce

Marinated duck spring roll

Bonito tataki with salmorejo

Tuna tataki with guacamole

Horse tataki

Duck tataki

Oriental steak tartar

Shiitake tempura filled with prawns

Japanese mushrooms Kakiage

Sardine tempura with aubergine purée, 
miso and anchovies

Grilled mackerel marinated with soy sauce and mirin

Beef sweetbread caramelized with balsamic vinaigrette 
and honey

Iberian pork sautéed with kimuchi

Fried cow tongue and asparagus

Prawns, asparagus, dried tomato and idiazábal cheese 

Chicken curry skewer with yogurt and mint sauce

Duck and scallions sautéed with miso

Can Kenji burger / with foie

Duck maigret / with foie

Grilled sirloin steak with ponzu and onion sauce

Grilled monkfish with sautéed vegetables and ponzu sauce

Grilled porcini risotto onigiri

Udon noodles sautéed with squid and clams

Cold sōmen noodles with grilled aubergine and
pork meat

The Sushi

Nigiri assortment

Salmon and tuna maki

Sushi assortment

Sashimi assortment

Sushi cake with mackerel

Sushi cake with prawns